Tumblr? Will this be as confusing and addictive as Twitter?

I’m on Tumblr now. My blog is called “Author” because I thought they were asking ME for MY title.

I was already way insecure about how many followers I had on Twitter. Whenever I lose a follower I think, “What did I post that made them not like me anymore?” I also waste far more time on Twitter than I ever expected. I’ve become strangely addicted to a social networking site that I barely understand. None of my friends are on Twitter. I tried to explain it to them. “It’s like a big worldwide conversation,” I said. “With who?” they said. I find myself constantly worrying that I’ll do the sort of annoying things on Twitter that my Mother does on Facebook. Aren’t I still too young to feel this way?

I’m not sure how many of my acquaintances have even heard of Tumblr. Most people I know drew the line at instagram. I just want to stay connected to how the world works now.

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