“This Song is (Not) for You” Research.


2 thoughts on ““This Song is (Not) for You” Research.

  1. I love ‘If He Had Been With Me’ so much! As soon as I started reading, I was addicted and fell in love. I love reading books that are funny, cute, and a little chick flick like, but your book gave a new mystery to the table. This book, hands down, delivered in every possible way. I’m so excited for future books! I hope you are doing well with the MS. Take your time writing. An amazing author like you will always have fans. One last thing; is your next book ( I forgot the title go me) a sequel or a whole different story? Thank you!

    1. Hi Eva! Thanks so much for your message! My next book is not a sequel; it’s very different actually. My health has been better the past few months and I’m excited about this next book and new writing projects. Thanks agian!

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