6 thoughts on “This Song is (Not) for You

  1. Hey! I’m doing a book report about ‘If he had been with me’ and one of the requirements is to have a biography about the author. Could you help me out?

  2. Oh my god
    I’ve just finished reading ” if he had been with me ”
    Needless to stay I’ve emptied a box of tissues since
    I just..
    How could you kill of finny? Why did he have to idea? Its soo rare that people ever find each other the way finny and autumn did, and its heartbreaking that.. (I know its ridiculous of me to ask you but when you’ve been crying out the Niagara falls you kind of become desperate,)
    Why august 8th?
    Of all the 365 odd days why august 8th?

    1. Hi Keren,
      People die. Sometimes they die suddenly, with things unsaid, with regrets and broken promises. This is a sad fact of life, that we are all just visiting here. We have to tell the ones we love how we feel while we still can because we never know what tomorrow will bring.
      Finny had to die, because his death, and Autumn’s regrets, were the point of the whole book. By the time I got to the end, I loved Finny too; I didn’t want to kill him. But I’d started the book with the purpose of expressing the feelings of regret when someone dies suddenly, and so I had to go through with it. I’m glad that you connected with the book so deeply. Sorry if August 8th is your birthday.
      For the record, my next book coming out in January, is happy.

  3. Is your new book written is the same style as If he had been with me? I really like the way that book is written with the chapters and text. BTW I should mention that If he had been with me is literally my absolutely favorite book and I’ve gotten a bunch of my friends to read it. At first when I read it I cried my eyes out and swore I would never pick it up again. HA! I literally reread that book once a month now. That is such a great book and I typically don’t reread books especially that often. Good job!

    1. It’s a very different book. I never want to be the sort of writer who writes the same thing over and over again. Thank you for telling your friends about the book, word of mouth is so important for authors, and it really means a lot to me.

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