New Manuscript

In interviews I’ve told the story of how I was inspired to write If He had Been with Me by I dream I had as I was coming to the close of the darkest period of my life. I’m finally in a place where I am ready to write about what I was going through in that time, just before I wrote IHHBWM. This will be my first adult book.
The project I am working on is dark- definitely the darkest thing I’ve ever written. My characters aren’t characters to read about because you like them or agree with what they have to say. It’s going to be- hopefully- a book about twisted perspectives, about people who are lost and know they will never be found.

Thankfully, I made it out of that place. My characters though, probably won’t be so lucky.

7 thoughts on “New Manuscript

  1. Laura I just want to let you know I wasn’t much of a reader. I only read because of school, but reading ” if he had been with me” completely changed my perspective upon reading. I absolutely loved it, it hit me hard emotionally. The ending was cruel yet beautiful. I have absolutely fallen in love with it and hope they make a movie of it. It is the best piece of art I’ve ever readen, it’s so realistic, so real in a way. I know the chances of you responding to this comment is 1 out of a 1000 but it would mean a lot of you could come over to Texas to speak of your books and passions to my school.

    1. Hi Bryant! Thanks so much for your message. It always means the world to me to hear that a reader loved the book, and knowing that you changed your opinion on reading because of the book makes me extra happy. I also wish I could come to your school and speak, unfortunately, I’m not a big enough deal to have the money to go on tour. Thank you for your message, and keep reading! ❤

  2. My name is Maggie and I didn’t really like reading that much until I read this. I was so amazed with the way you wrote this, I loved it. I really hope you make more books like this. during the story I kind of figured that finny was going to end up with autumn. during the end I was brought to tears between finny dying and autumn trying to kill herself so she could be with finny. This was an absolutely amazing book and I hope you make more like it.

  3. Laura, I just finished If He Had Been With Me, and I am afraid to admit I am a total disaster after finishing your book. Your style of writing is beautiful and simplistic and I love it so much. But I have to ask about Aunt Angelina. How did she handle with Finny’s death? Was it hinted that Aunt Angelina handled it like Autumn?

    1. Hi Sarah, Thanks for your message!
      She doesn’t become suicidal. But losing a child is one of the worst things that can happen to a human. Unless you know someone who has lost a child, I don’t know if there is a way to describe the experience.

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