…But this is HOW April drums…

Notice the expressions on her face while she plays.


Tumblr? Will this be as confusing and addictive as Twitter?

I’m on Tumblr now. My blog is called “Author” because I thought they were asking ME for MY title.

I was already way insecure about how many followers I had on Twitter. Whenever I lose a follower I think, “What did I post that made them not like me anymore?” I also waste far more time on Twitter than I ever expected. I’ve become strangely addicted to a social networking site that I barely understand. None of my friends are on Twitter. I tried to explain it to them. “It’s like a big worldwide conversation,” I said. “With who?” they said. I find myself constantly worrying that I’ll do the sort of annoying things on Twitter that my Mother does on Facebook. Aren’t I still too young to feel this way?

I’m not sure how many of my acquaintances have even heard of Tumblr. Most people I know drew the line at instagram. I just want to stay connected to how the world works now.

…If the stories are made so real that people believe them the people reading them nearly always think the stories really happened to you. That is natural because while you were making them up you had to make them happen to the person who was telling them. If you do this successfully enough you make the person who is reading them believe that the things happened to him too. -Ernest Hemingway, unpublished manuscript from the Kennedy Library collection.